Nagoya Prayer House

Place:Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Meitou Ward, Matsuicho 15 Google Maps
Parking:No parking at the site.
  • How to enter: enter the PIN of the key box, take out the key, close the box, and scramble the PIN code. Open the front door with the key.
  • Once inside, turn on the air conditioner and hot carpet and relax (make tea as you have an electric kettle if you like).
  • You can go around to the different prayer stations on the various walls of the room, or listen to praise music (CD-player and Bluetooth speaker are available), and the hour will pass in a blink of an eye. You can read the bible, or just be in God’s presence. In other words, you are free.
  • When you leave, please unplug the air conditioner, hot carpet, and electric kettle, turn off the lights, lock them, put the keys in the key box, and scramble the PIN code.
Corona measures, wipe what you touch with a disinfectant sheet, and ventilate a little when you enter and before you return.

Prayer Tools

Take a virtual prayer walk from the Prayer House

Prayer walk Guide

Prayer walking

The hour that changes the world [ Smartphone version ]
Moms in prayer, prayer sheets
24/7 vision movie
Some prayer topics:
– Pray for the local Christians in our neighbourhoods
– Pray for the schools and teachers where our children meet and are going to
– Pray for the religious atmosphere in the area so that more people can meet Jesus.
– Pray for the leaders of the city
– Pray for the people who are coming to the Prayer House in Nagoya. That they feel God’s presence.
– That God is raising up leaders and giving them visions
– Help the Japanese believers to be bold in their faith
– Remove the filter that stops Japanese people from receiving Christ
– More baptisms
– Pray for more labor (Luke 10,2).
– Strength to share Jesus to their close circles (oikos)
– More miracles and supernatural works of the Holy Spirit
– More whole households in the Kingdom of God.
– For strength to Christians who has a non-believing spouse.
– For all lonely Christians without Christian friends at work, school, …
– … ask the Lord how to pray for Japan